Professional Services

Unidex helps companies implement B2B integration solutions that reduce costs and improve customer service and productivity. Unidex focuses on the following areas of B2B integration:

  • Applications integration (both inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise).
  • B2B standards, such as cXML, BizTalk, X12, EDIFACT, etc.
  • Data transformation using XSLT, perl, off-the-shelf products, etc.
  • Process to process workflow.
  • Transport networks, such as the Internet, EDI VANs, frame relay, etc.
  • Transport protocols, such as HTTP, SMTP/MIME, FTP, MQSeries, 3780 RJE, etc.
  • Security protocols, such as S/MIME, PGP, SSL, X.509, etc.

For more information about our professional services, please see the following pages: