Consulting Projects

Unidex's consulting projects include:

  • Unidex developed a B2B subsystem for an e-commerce security product. The subsystem processes XML network scans using Java, JDBC, WebLogic, SAX and XSLT.
  • Unidex has developed complex XSLT stylesheets for its clients. We developed an XSLT stylesheet that converts Ariba cXML purchase orders into SAP flat files. For an application service provider (ASP), we developed XSLT stylesheets that convert XML accounting data into HTML reports and Symbolic Link (SYLK) spreadsheets.
  • Unidex developed a SOAP interface for a client's web application using Apache SOAP. We also developed sample SOAP clients using Java and JScript.
  • Unidex designed and implemented a secure Web-based file exchange system. This extranet application allows our client to easily exchange data files with the client's trading partners via the Internet.
  • Unidex designed and implemented a centralized B2B integration server for a large client. This server is the bridge between the client's business systems and the client's trading partners. The server provides a wide range of services, including translation, encryption, logging, archiving, routing and data communications. The server supports a variety of protocols, including SMTP, FTP, HTTP, MQ Series, and Connect:Direct.
  • Unidex developed a MIME user agent that supports the MIME/EDI standard (i.e., RFC 1767). Unidex's client uses this user agent to exchange B2B transactions with its trading partners via Internet email. The user agent uses an innovative technique to verify the origin of incoming messages.
  • Unidex designed an FTP server for a client, who uses it to exchange B2B transactions with its trading partners. Unidex also designed an FTP security monitor that alerts the client's administrator when it detects a security breach.
  • Unidex has installed PGP encryption software at client sites, so that the clients can securely exchange sensitive data files with trading partners via the Internet.
  • Unidex developed an electronic commerce security policy for a large client. This corporate-wide policy provides the EC security policies and standards that will allow the client to reap the benefits of EC in a safe and secure manner. The policy identifies the external threats to the client's EC applications and specifies solutions to protect the client from these threats.
  • Unidex led the implementation of EDI at a large company. We performed a wide range of services, such as evaluating and recommending EDI translation software, automating the operation of their EDI system, integrating their EDI system with their applications and internal E-mail network, implementing transaction sets, and implementing trading partners.
  • Unidex solved a critical billing problem for a client that resells an E-Mail VAN. The E-Mail VAN bills customers by the character, but the reseller needed to bill its customers by transaction. Unidex designed a solution that did not require any changes to the VAN's billing system.
  • Unidex performed technical due diligence services and analyzed of the B2Bi/EAI software marketplace for venture capital firms.
  • For an independent software vendor, Unidex analyzed the business processes of its sales and marketing departments. We identified several inefficient processes and showed them how to reengineer these processes using electronic commerce technologies.
  • Unidex has provided EC training for a variety of clients. For example, we developed a two day EDI technical training course for the sales and operations personnel of one of its clients.
  • A large insurance company is using XML Convert to transform flat files containing auto claims and remittance advices to/from XML; we developed the XFlat schemas for these flat files, and integrated XML Convert into their B2B integration server.