Bob Lyons is the founder of Unidex, which provides B2B integration solutions to its clients in the financial, insurance and telecommunications industries. He has extensive experience designing and developing B2B, EAI, and Straight-Throough Processing (STP) applications that meet critical business needs and that are reliable and agile.

In 1995, Bob designed and built a B2B integration server that provides the following services: process-to-process workflow, data transformation, encryption/decryption, data transport, etc. More recently, Bob developed XML Convert and the XFlat language.

Before founding Unidex, Bob was a Member of the Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories for eight years. At Bell Labs, he provided consultation on EDI, E-mail and X.400 to many of AT&T's customers. He also wrote detailed technical specifications for new features of AT&T's EDI and E-mail VAN.

Bob has given numerous presentations on electronic commerce, and has published articles on EDI, the Internet and XML. He has been active in various EC standards organizations. Bob was secretary of the Interactive EDI Work Group in the Insurance Subcommittee of ANSI X12. He also participated in the CCITT working group that developed the X.435 protocol and the IETF working group that developed a standard for doing EDI over the Internet.

Bob's resume is available in Word 2000 format.